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Waste Transportation, Cattle Hauling Companies, Propane and More

Trucking companies have always been vital to the economy and getting goods from place to place in the U.S. This has become increasingly apparent during Covid-19 when most Americans saw rapid fluctuations in supply and demand for various products and at the same time a shortage of truck drivers to get the goods from point to point. While this may be the most obviously visible at the pump and supermarket this truck driver shortage has affected everything from waste transportation to cattle hauling and even propane. Now more than ever as the economy begins to start back up bulk commodity hauling companies need all the help, they can get to make the most out of every truck in their fleets. Some hauling software solutions will be taking advantage of this and trying to lock carriers into agreements that are expensive and have poor customer service or charge a fee for any system changes. Finding an overall ticketing system that fits your bulk commodity hauling business can be difficult with the wide variety of software available. Finding a hauling software that is affordable and flexible can be even more difficult still.


  Dispatch Commodity has custom ticketing formats that allow us to make an electronic ticketing system that fits your business no matter what you haul. Our system has worked with customers that deal in everything from Waste Transportation to Cattle Hauling. Waste Transportation mean many different things but, in our experience, we have worked with customers that haul off the wastewater that occurs during the fracking process. This process can be billed with either a flat rate per barrel which is covered with a simple volume ticket in Dispatch Commodity, or an hourly rate can be used for total time worked to move the wastewater. For the hourly rate our timecard feature has been used to track the amount of time a driver works on a per load basis. All of this can then be billed using our Pricebook feature that can handle everything from shipper to driver settlement.


  Another real-world example of Waste Transportation would be transportation of the waste products from the production of ethanol. Dispatch Commodity works with a customer that hauls Ethanol in bulk. During the production of the Ethanol however several waste products are produced that need hauled. Wet distillers grain is the left-over solids from the Ethanol production. After being used in the production of ethanol these solids can be used again as cattle and livestock feed. This waste product is billed by the weight of the product. Our flexible ticketing system allowed us to build a ticket format that tracks all the weight measurements as the trucks scale in and scale out and can calculate the tare weight of the product that is then billed all within Dispatch Commodity. A second byproduct of the ethanol production is the oil from the corn this is also billed by weight with our ticketing system. In relation to our wet distillers grain/cattle feed ticket type we have had customers that haul the actual cattle themselves. To accomplish this, we worked with the customer to get the desired data into a format they could use for ticketing. The customer needed to capture scale in and scale out weight measurements with an additional cattle head count field for each ticket. Waste Transportation also is needed in the oil field regarding the basic sediment and water (BSW) buildup that occurs in crude oil tanks over time. This build up can cause multiple issues for crude oil tanks and needs to be removed if it becomes excessive. Normally customers bill this by the barrel and treat it as a simple gauged or metered well ticket.


  With such a wide variety of products being hauled Dispatch Commodity wants to keep a flexible ticketing format that will allow any bulk commodity to be hauled to meet the needs of our customers. Don’t settle for a software system that doesn’t fit your business contact us today to get a software solution for you.

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