Dispatch Commodity Driver Dispatch

Dispatch Crude Then vs. Dispatch Commodity Now

 In 2010, Maverick Taylor founded Capital Technology Solutions, LLC. (CTS), and subsequently, Dispatch Crude (DispatchCrude.com or ‘DC’ for short). At the time, the field of crude oil transport was still struggling to go paperless and electronic with their dispatch and ticketing. It was the most complicated problem to solve for several reasons. Many areas in the oil field have limited or no cellular coverage, and there is a fair amount of complex calculation that needs to be completed in the field, when the oil is loaded. Due to this situation, DC was solving the most difficult challenge in the entire bulk transportation space. Many trucking companies were working with software companies who came from the moving and storage portion of dispatch and logistics solutions, as well as other competing start-ups. While some came and went, Dispatch Crude prevailed as the problem solver its clients needed and would come highly recommended.

  As time went on, Dispatch Crude developed all the features the oilfield transport market needed, such as computer assisted dispatching, complex rating and settlement options including FSC (Fuel Surcharges), and a lot of dynamic, rule-based mobile app options and mobile printing intelligence. Along with advanced back-office tools such as automated custom reporting and data-exchange, decision makers, dispatchers, drivers, customers, and everyone else in the process, seemed to be very pleased with the process that Dispatch Crude has facilitated to the crude oil industry.

  Realizing that the crude oil transportation market transports other siblings or cousins to crude oil, such as natural gas liquids (NGL), propane, as well as sand and water for fracking, we evolved to accommodate unique requirements for processing transportation tickets of these other commodities. Eventually, Dispatch Crude was a transportation dispatch and billing settlement system that was accommodating many other commodities from livestock cattle, asphalt, ethanol, and grain to various bulk solids and liquids. So, the ‘Crude’ in Dispatch Crude was no longer all-inclusive of the market the system was serving.

  In keeping the ‘DC’ logo and abbreviation, we rebranded from Dispatch Crude to Dispatch Commodity, to appropriately represent the system and its user base. Dispatch Commodity now has clients who have all the crude oil specific features hidden, as they use the system for other commodities and locations that do not have the complex attributes that are unique to the oil field. Dispatch Commodity was built on solving the most difficult demands first, so it utilizes its strengths to solve less complex issues with grace and elegance.

  If you are a bulk transportation professional, we encourage you to have a no pressure quick tour of the system, just so you can be aware of what DC has to offer. With so many options in such a fast-paced world, sometimes the key to success is just knowing what your options are and looking into the details deeper when the moment arises. Therefore, whether you are looking for something, or simply passionate about your industry like we are, call DC anytime. We look forward to learning from your experiences as well as sharing from ours.

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